NURTURE CHILDREN WELL : Educate Children HolisticallyA course in holistic early education of children for parents, carers and educators.
The path of enlightenment for all when raising children through holistic empowerment.

Whether you are a parent, a grandparent or a carer, this program provides you with the wisdom to lead the children you love by example and direct guidance.

Help them increase emotional intelligence, emotional self regulation and emotional self healing. Research is showing that Emotional Wellbeing and EQ
in children has been sited as even more important than IQ for a child’s future success!

We welcome you to this rewarding program and wish you many happy experiences helping children grow and glow, through these times of great challenge for raising children well.

Alannah is a family therapist, has 10 years experience of running parenting groups, has trained facilitators at TAFE level so they can become parent group leaders, has trained child carers and nannies in government funded adult education institutions, has extensive communications training and assisted parent resource officers in their supportive community role for local council. Alannah has developed and supervises the NURTURE WELL program

Nurturing our Children and the Adults in their life is Nurturing our Future

Dedicated parents, grandparents, educators and other carers understand that raising children is not a one way interaction but impacts on the adult deeply and emotionally, for anyone who has a child in their care and especially if that adult is related to the child. Whether it is intensive worrying, guilt, confusion or fears for our children we know that there are ways to influence healthy children that address not only the child’s needs but the parents or carers needs.
We can help children directly through NATURAL HOLISTIC STRATEGIES, we empower them by our informed, holistic, choices, equipping them with inner confidence and a true outer glow.

How? We help them directly, while addressing our own underlying needs that affect how we interact with them and the environments we place them in. Allow us to support you in these times where parenting/grand-parenting/educating children is more challenging than ever.

Raising Children is a job anyone who has contact with children has an important role in. It is a sacred journey if we make it so.

Holistic Care for the Foundation Years Holistic Care for Children to Age 12years

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