Wether you want to increase happiness, health or joy in your relationships you can discover how here. Bonus: Credits for further study are available with all personal development programs. Those marked * are part of the foundation Diploma in Holistic Communications which provide the base to all practitioner programs.


You may find that you want to get off the ‘merry go round’ of life and take stock for a while. So with us you can Renew, Review and Restructure your mind, your body and most importantly, your heart and the emotions that effect the happiness you may be craving in your hear. You ‘can’ get the results you want from your health, wealth, well-being and relationships. It does take self love in action not just more and more information.

These programs are about gently, getting to the authentic, natural, you in a way that is loving and flows with our inner world. For precious times in our life, where additional strain maybe occuring extra support from someone who understands Holistic Living and how it works, who has delved to great inner depths and Self Love in Action practices for themselves, can be invaluable. In fact many participants have said that doing the LIVE Well, Emotional Mastery and the Living the 7 Living Essentials programs, with the wise, compassionate support they received from either their Holistic Living Coach or a Holistic Living Counsellor, was the singular most important decision of their life.