A’dor Holistic Living is a life enhancing and healing education system to LIVE Well by.
Attained through self-mastery in balancing your mind, body, emotions and life direction.
The foundation philosophy behind the A’dor Holistic Living system is ‘The 7 Living Essentials’. You will find these 7 essentials.

  • Choose to value your emotions
  • Choose to value your emotions
  • Choose to live with a holistic living approach to life
  • Choose to feed the mind well
  • Choose to love and nurture your body
  • Choose to get to know the BIG you
  • Choose to find your purpose
  • Choose loving intentions

These 7 Living Essentials evolved by Alannah Dore over many years of personal and professional research, exploration and growth with herself, her clients and her students. They are embedded throughout your journey with A’dor Holistic Living in such an experiential way that they soon become a natural part of your life… you just start LIVING them naturally!


Over a period of 25 years Alannah has combined the best of what she discovered from professional training in family therapy, education, advanced meditation and yoga with learnings from her own personal journey of emotional healing and self-empowerment to develop the A’dor Holistic Living system. Establishing the Holistic Living Training Institute in 1999 Alannah has continued to share her teachings, changing the lives of individuals, couples and families alike. Alannah facilitates the majority of the A’dor Holistic Living Retreats, supervises Holistic Living Coaches and continues to research and develop life changing and unique, experiential learning programs for the world community.


A’dor Holistic Living programs are unique and offer you ‘experiential learning’, which means you actually experience the techniques and than results rather than just getting the intellectual information on them. You are supported by your Holistic Living Coach who, as a graduate of the A’dor system, lives well and is a role model for your success.
The A’dor Holistic Living system compliments the teachings of any love-based modality or belief system so is not based on any religion or spiritual organisation.
Many opportunities are presented as you journey through the A’dor Holistic Living system.


Besides the benefits to your personal life you can also gain credits with each program you complete opening doors to various career options.